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Saplo automatically picks Google News Keywords for articles, leaving writers to worry only about writing articles, just as it should be!

The 19th of september 2012 Google announced the Google News Keywords that should be used by publishers of rank to describe what an article is about without having to cram the headline full of keywords.

The Google News Keywords strives at giving writers back the power of freely expressing themselves without having to worry about fueling their texts with keywords only for the benefit of search engines. This is great because it will allow writers more creativity when picking a headline and it will save writers the pain of cramming keywords into their text.

But there is one big problem with Google News Keywords! Writers will have to manually select keywords to describe their articles, a boring and time consuming task!

Entering Saplo

Saplo automatically picks keywords for articles, leaving writers to worry only about writing articles, just as it should be!

What kind of keywords does Saplo create?

We focus on understanding what topic an article is talking about. An article about the World Cup 2010 football finals could be given the following tags; World Cup, South Africa 2010, Spain, Netherlands, Andres Iniesta.

Don’t be a dinosaur Get News Keywords for your site today!

Time. Save writers the time of cramming keywords into their texts.

Creativity. Allow writers more creativity when setting headlines.

Rank. One signal in the Google algorithm to determine ranking.

Provide your readers with personal recommendations based on what type of articles they have tended to like in the past.

A major trend on the web today is personalized content. Gone are the days of one size fits all, now search results are based on your profile, ads are based on your interests and product recommendations is based on what products you have previously looked at.

The web is getting personal

And so should your news site. We can help you present your readers with those stories most interesting to them. Someone who have never read an article on sports, but for the world wouldn’t miss a story on the last big breakup in Hollywood, probably rather see an article on the upcoming Oscar Academy Awards then a story on the local football team on the frontpage of your news site.

Give your readers what they want Get Personalized today!

Relevance. Increase readers interest in your site.

Bounce Rate. Decrease bounce rate by presenting readers with relevant content on your frontpage.

Trending topics, gathering of stories on a certain topic, topic tags for single articles, it is all possible using Topics from Saplo.

A common frustration publishers share is the process of setting topics for stories. Not only is it a time consuming task, but the lack of consistency between how editors choose topics quickly becomes a mess. You will have one story talking about The Debt Crisis, another about The Financial Crisis and a third about The Economic Crisis when in reality all articles describes the exact same topic.

What is the problem with that?

Debt Crisis, Financial Crisis or Economic Crisis is all correct ways of describing a story, so there really isn’t a problem, right? Wrong! This lack of consistency makes your content much harder to work with. You might want a bar on top of your frontpage presenting trending topics, maybe a section where the latest news on an especially juicy scandal is presented. Sorry, cannot be done when your topics is all over the place.

How to solve it?

Using Topics from Saplo you can generate topics manually that we then automatically apply to your articles. If you want to spare some time we could even generate topics automatically based on what’s trending at the moment.

This way all stories on a certain subject will be gathered under one topic making it much easier to get great value out of your topics.

Get more out of your content Discover Topics today!

Consistent. Collect related stories under the same topic name.

Trending. Give your readers instant access to hot topics.

Themes. Create special sites for different topics.

Automatically extract persons, organizations and locations mentioned in your articles.

Tagging your articles has become so important that publishers actually invest a significant amount of time to manually extract what persons, organizations and places are mentioned in their articles.

There is an easier way

Automatic tagging of news articles was the first product ever to come out from the deep dungeons at Saplo. We were good at it back then and we are even better at it today.


The main reason why you should tag your content is to make it searchable. And by searchable we don’t mean one of those input fields where you type in a keyword. We are talking about one click search. Say you’ve been reading up on Burundi and you’re eager to learn more about Médecins Sans Frontières that has been tagged in the article. One click on the tag and you’ll be given a list of articles published on the organization!

What’s next?

If you are among those who still tag your articles manually (or worse, don’t tag your content at all) then make sure to give us a call someday soon.

Make it easy Get Tags today!

Filter. Enables quick and powerful filtering functionality.

Speed. It takes you about 3 minutes to tag an article. We do it in seconds.

Explore. Let your readers easily explore your site.