Business Intelligence

Turn Unstructured Text Into Useful Data. Text Analytics For Your Business Intelligence System.

Identify trends, recognize change and learn what people are saying about you and your market.

Text Analytics is a component of Business Intelligence that can no longer be ignored. The data analyzed today answers only to a fraction of the total amount of available data when unstructured data (mostly text) is taken into account.

Saplo will transform text into data that can easily be incorporated with your existing Business Intelligence platform. We are the Text Analytics part of your Business Intelligence Ecosystem, that’s what we do best and where we put all our efforts.

Not only will we help you with:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Identifying themes/topics
  • Entity extraction

To further improve your predictive analytics we will also bring our own Prediction technology to the table. Saplo Prediction is able to perform analysis on how unstructured text spread out over time relates to key figures.

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