Extract Valuable Information From Text. Discover New Business Opportunities With Text Analytics.


Did you know that a lot of the things that publisher do manually today like dividing articles into sections, setting suitable topics for stories, creating an appealing news trail on the frontpage, it could all be accomplished automatically?

Saplo could actually create its own, entirely automatic news site if it wasn’t for one tiny little detail; we do not have any own content to publish.

As it turns out content is kind of a big deal in publishing and since we’re not really keen on hiring a lot of journalist (doesn’t really fit our focus as a Text Analytics company) we have decided that it is better to let publishers benefit from our technology instead.

After all, content is king. Still, there is a lot of things we can help publishers with.

Business Intelligence

Hidden in unstructured data like news articles, tweets and emails lies valuable information buried out of reach for traditional Business Intelligence systems that heavily relies on data from structured databases.

Our challenge is to translate text into something that your Business Intelligence sytem and you are familiar with, primarily numerical data.

Be on top of what is said about you, your competitors and your market and learn how that will affect you with Text Analytics for your Business Intelligence platform.