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API documentation

Documentation and examples on how to use Saplo API.

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Saplo API gives you the possibility to build applications upon our text analysis technology platform.

Take a look at our Text Analysis API documentation.

Through the API you gain access to:

Through Saplo API it's possible to automatically extract entities found in text. This service can automatically define the meaning of words and identify each tag as a company, person or location. Support is implemented for English and Swedish texts though new languages can be added on demand.

Inspiration & Ideas:

Create theme sites. Use the entity tagging to identify persons, locations or companies that are mentioned in text. Create a theme site for a specific person, location or company and gather all texts about that entity on a site. Possible to combine with the related articles method that identifies the relationship between texts of similar meaning.

With Saplo API it is possible to identify how articles are semantically related to each other. We can give you a percentage value of how similar two or several articles are in relation to each other.

Inspiration & Ideas:

Cross link entire websites. With this API method it is possible to add all your text and then compare them to each other. You can now easily create cross links between your texts, blog posts or even between web sites.

Saplo context API gives you the possibility to define personalized textual contexts that are possible to match against any type of text.

Firstly, create a context by defining texts that are typically descriptive for the context you aim at creating.

Secondly, compare any text to your recently created contexts and Saplo will recognize and rank similar text.

Inspiration & Ideas:

  • Create topic tags such as financial crisis, olympic games or mobile technology.
  • Create a spam context by adding spam text to a context then use that context in a spam filter.
  • Create a personalized news stream filter. Train contexts that contains texts that are of interested to you then compare incoming news articles with your own contexts.
  • Build a contextual advertisement engine. Train contexts for e.g., sports, finance and traveling and connect those contexts to specific ads. Then match published articles against your trained contexts and identify and place your ads accordingly.
  • Use topics for collaborative purposes in large organizations by linking context from employees (e.g., link two persons writing about molecular analysis by creating context of their written work).