It is virtually impossible to manually evaluate the textual information published each day around the globe. Using our semantic expertise is like having thousands of employees constantly searching and sifting what is written about your organization. All across print media, blogs, forums, chats and wikis, our mission is to make the world of information understandable and usable.

Saplo provide services that extract and refine valuable information from large quantities of text. We offer a range of cost efficient text analysis services through an API (Application programming interface). Services can be used either stand alone or combined into new and exiting concepts and technologies.

In July 2008, Associate Professor Sverker Sikström and Mattias Tyrberg, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), decided to incorporate a project they had been working on for several months. Shortly after July, Saplo expanded to a total of six co-founders and owners. These new co-founders, with varying backgrounds and skills, were Anders Hall, Fredrik Hörte, Nina Jansdotter and Joakim Stenberg.

We work as a unified management team where decisions are discussed among people with complementing competences. We want as many different view points as possible on various problems before making decisions. The team as a whole is in focus at Saplo!